class Oracle

Bases: object

Neo Oracle Service is an out-of-chain data access service built into Neo N3. It allows users to request the external data sources in smart contracts, and Oracle nodes designated by the committee will access the specified data source then pass the result in the callback function to continue executing the smart contract logic.

Check out Neo’s Documentation to learn more about Oracles.

hash: UInt160
classmethod request(url: str, request_filter: str | None, callback: str, user_data: Any, gas_for_response: int)

Requests an information from outside the blockchain.

This method just requests data from the oracle, it won’t return the result.

>>> Oracle.request('',
...                '', 'callback_name', None, 10 * 10 ** 8)
  • url (str) – External url to retrieve the data

  • request_filter (str or None) –

    Filter to the request.

    See JSONPath format

  • callback (str) –

    Method name that will be as a callback.

    This method must be public and implement the following interface:

    (url: str, user_data: Any, code: int, result: bytes) -> None

  • user_data (Any) – Optional data. It’ll be returned as the same when the callback is called

  • gas_for_response (int) –

    Amount of GAS needed to run the callback method.

    It MUST NOT be specified as the user representation.

    If it costs 1 gas, this value must be 1_00000000 (with the 8 decimals)

classmethod get_price() int

Gets the price for an Oracle request.

>>> Oracle.get_price()

the price for an Oracle request