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neon-js is a Javascript library to interface with NEO blockchain, providing quick and easy methods to send RPC calls, create transactions and simple contract invocations.


  • Built-in RPC queries
  • Transaction creation, serialization and deserialization
  • Wallet key manipulation
  • Smart Contract script builder
  • 3rd party API support


Neon can be used in 2 ways:


The default import for Neon is a Javascript object where functions are arranged in a semantic manner following the convention of Verb-Noun. If a method goes beyond 2 levels, the rest of the name is camelCased at the noun level.

import Neon from "@cityofzion/neon-js";
Neon.verify.message(message, signature, publicKey)

This style is recommended for beginners or anyone who just wishes to use Neon without hassle.


Named imports are the conventional JS imports. The modules in Neon are:

  • api
  • rpc
  • sc
  • tx
  • u
  • wallet
import { api } from "@cityofzion/neon-js";

This style offers more control and flexibility. Do refer to the source code for each module's exports.