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The package neon-js is actually composed of several packages, each offering a different functionality.


The core package is neon-core, comprised of the following folders:

  • rpc
  • sc
  • tx
  • u
  • wallet

These are the minimum packages deemed necessary for basic functionality for interaction with the blockchain. The sub module CONST rounds off the core module with some defaults.

For users who just require the bare functionality, you may just use the core package:

import { tx, wallet } from "@cityofzion/neon-core";
const t = new tx.Transaction();
const acct = new wallet.Account();

Other packages


Provides high level functionality for crafting transactions.


Provides an easy wrapper for communicating with the NEO N3 app on a Ledger.


Constructed package using:

  • neon-core
  • neon-api

In addition, this package exposes a high level semantic API binding for beginner usage. The semantic API can be found in the default export of the package.

const Neon = require("@cityofzion/neon-js");

console.log(Neon); // {wallet, tx, api, nep5, etc...}

const NeonJs = Neon.default;

console.log(NeonJs); // {create, get, sign, verify,...}

The semantic API follows a convention of Verb-Noun. Any extra words beyond the first 2 is collapsed into the Noun and camelcased.



Provides the ability to parse a NEO URI schema string into a consumable intent object.