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Changelog (v1)


  • Ledger support

    • Add ability to sign using external function for neonDB API.

    • Bugfix for _emitNum


  • Transaction Overhaul

    • Transactions are now exposed semantically with the convention of Verb-Noun.
    • Transaction creation is exposed as create.claim, create.contract and create.invocation
    • Transactions can be serialized or deserialzed using serializeTransaction and deserializeTransaction
    • Transaction signing is now signTransaction and it returns the signed transaction instead of having to manually attach the signature.
    • Transaction Hash can be calculated using getTransactionHash passing in the transaction object.
  • ScriptBuilder for Smart Contract invocation

    • ScriptBuilder class is an object used to build VM scripts that mirrors the ScriptBuilder found in the C# repo.
    • buildScript is a convenient wrapper around ScriptBuilder to call a contract with operation accepting args.
  • getAccount methods renamed to getAccount and returns a single Account object instead of an array

    | getAccountsFromWIFKey -> getAccountFromWIFKey | getAccountsFromPrivateKey -> getAccountFromPrivateKey


  • Additional NEP2 wrapper methods (Simple encrypted WIF creation)

  • Address validation to guard against sending to non-NEO addresses.


  • Introduce NEP2 Support (encrypt / decrypt WIF)


  • Upgrade API support to v2 for neon-wallet-db